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A Feng Shui garden is a garden cut and arranged in different zones. Each of them represents a universe, a domain of life through forms, objects and colors. The Feng Shui Garden must respect nature and be in harmony with it. In this sense, one must prefer a sinuous passage to a straight passage. The second, in fact, nothing natural.

Owner's wishes

To make the entry more welcoming and less austere, to make the corner terrace pleasant, intimate (detached from the car park) in the respect of the principles Feng Shui (by integrating the 5 elements, the directions favorable to the inhabitants, the awakening of the senses).

Principles of design

Redirect people in space, Give a Zen atmosphere (sounds-color-smell) while staying in Feng Shui principles. Move the parking space (facing the terrace) to enlarge and isolate it.